N5 Folio Submission

Following the Easter extension, pupils are asked to submit their complete folio to Teams. Staff are preparing folios to be assessed so all evidence must be uploaded to Teams by Friday 30/04.

Art & Design Assessments and Photography Assessment

N5 pupils are advised to study for their assessment on Friday 7th May (Period 3 + 4): Class 4F and Class 4G.

Pupils will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of design elements and designers (Louis Comfort Tiffany (The Wisteria Lamp, 1901) and Tom Dixon (The Etch Light, 2010)), when answering the question paper.

Pupils are asked to study the design content discussed in class too.

Higher pupils are advised to study for their assessment on Tuesday 4th May (Period 6+7).

Pupils are asked to revise the course content discussed in class.

Photography pupils are advised to study for their assessment on Wednesday 5th May (Period 5+6).

Pupils are asked to revise the course content discussed in class.

Extension on Photography Folio Submission Deadline


Well done to everyone who has been working hard on the completion of their Final Project Photography Folios and getting work uploaded to your Teams folders as well as the assignments.

If students are not quite complete with their folio then they must work to complete everything over the Easter Break.

Student’s work must all be submitted, at the latest by SUNDAY 18th April 2021. It is very important that students meet this extended deadline as staff will prepare folios to be assessed after the holidays and their Final 8 Photographs will be printed off, also ready for assessment.


After the holidays we will be gathering some more evidence of your critical skills and techniques knowledge. Students are advised to study the course over the holidays to refresh their knowledge. Students will find all PowerPoints covered in class in the Photography Techniques Channel on Teams. Use these with the list of YouTube video clips, the handouts and personal notes to recap on your understanding.

Good luck with the revision and enjoy your Easter Holiday also.

THS Art & Design Department

Extension on Expressive Folio Submission Deadline


If students have met the deadline of uploading all of their completed Expressive folio work to the assignment with the deadline of 31.03.21 then well done.

If a student has not met that deadline fully and for reasons did not manage to make the Expressive Folio Deadline on Wednesday 31.03.21, you now have an extension over the Easter Break to catch-up.

The submission date of 31.03.21 was already 3 weeks later than what would have been the normal deadline, as we have taken into account that we are working under challenging circumstances. The Art & Design Department are trying to provide as much support and time as possible for students to complete their Art and Design course and that is why we are offering a further extension over the Easter Break.

Students should use this time wisely as this will be the last extension period available to complete their folio work. After the Easter Break, work will be getting prepared to be marked so all work MUST be complete and uploaded to the assignment set by their class teacher by SUNDAY 18TH APRIL 2021.​

A reminder of folio work that has to be completed by Sunday 18th April:

  • 2 Single Objects
  • 2 Compositions
  • 1 final piece (For N5 and Higher)

If you have completed more than this then just upload all work.

​We look forward to seeing all of your work.

Enjoy your Easter Holiday.

THS Art and Design Team

S2 Cubist Self Portrait

Remote Learning for S2 in the Art & Design Department was to learn a little about ‘Cubism’ and look at the work of Pablo Picasso. Pupils took inspiration from the Cubist movement and created their own Cubist Self Portrait.

Return To School & Expressive Folio Deadline


If pupils are able to return to school next week, pupils are advised to bring their Expressive Folio (on the day they are timetabled to be in the department) as this is what they’ll be working on in the department. Bring all the materials used to develop their folio: materials and resource images.

Pupils are advised to be extremely careful with transporting their SQA work to school – avoid folding or damaging the quality work which has been produced.


S4 N4/N5 and S5 N5/Higher

Pupils will continue to complete work until Wednesday 31 March 2021, either at home or in the Art & Design department. Verbal feedback and support will be given to students in the Art & Design department, as online support through Teams continues for certain pupils working from home.

Pupils must ensure they are completing their folio to their highest standard.

To meet the minimum requirements, a candidate must produce the follow:

  • 2 Single Object Drawings (At least 1 in the same media of what their final piece will be).
  • 2 Compositions (At least 1 in the same media of what their final piece will be).
  • 1 Single Composition Outcome (This can be as small as A4 in size).

Candidates can produce more work than this but we suggest that they meet all of the minimum requirements first. If candidates have additional time, they can go back and create more artwork.

Until the deadline, it’s essential that pupils submit progress images to assignments on Teams on a weekly basis.

Advanced Higher

Weekly plans, advice and individual feedback will be provided to students.

 Higher Photography

Weekly work will continue to be posted on Teams to support students continuing with their Final Project Folios.

Art Careers

A lot of interesting and useful information is attached to this PowerPoint (Options Art & Design Careers) to inform you about careers in Art & Design. It’s definitely worth a read – perhaps you will be working in the Creative Industry in the near future? It may help to guide you on the correct career path.

THS Art & Design Team.

Careers in Art & Design

Where can studying for Art or Design take you? What kind of careers exist for those who study creative subjects at secondary school? From fashion designer, architect, to film director, and from tattoo artist, car designer, make-up artist to web games designer, studying art lends itself to a wide range of exciting and creative professions. Find out more information about suitable Art Careers and opportunities available through creativity.




Below are a list of useful websites for you to source information about suitable career paths and opportunities available through creativity.




BGE Trainer Design

Within the Art & Design Department all BGE stages had the opportunity to explore TRAINER DESIGN. They looked at market research, branding and personal inspiration. Some possible future designers right here!!

S1/S2 Expressing Emotions

Following on from Children’s Mental Health Week, pupils in S1/S2 Art & Design  considered how to express emotions via the medium of drawing and writing. They looked at HOPES & DREAMS for the future. As well as worries or thoughts on their minds. Creative results!