Important Date for New Fifth and Sixth Year Students……

Students returning into either Fifth or Sixth Year in August 2019 should note that staff will be available on Thursday 8th August 2019 to discuss any changes to curricular choice which may be required following receipt of the 2019 SQA exam results on Tuesday 6th August 2019.

Please note that, if you do not wish to make any changes to subjects chosen for session 2019-20, there is no need to attend school on Thursday 8th August. You should only attend if you believe it may be necessary to change your subjects for session 2019-20.

The arrangements for that day will be as follows:

Thursday 8th August 2019

10am – new Fifth Year students should attend

12noon – new Sixth Year students should attend

Members of the Senior Leadership Team and Principal Teachers of Pupil Support will be available to discuss curricular choice in light of the 2019 SQA exam results and, where appropriate, agree changes to subjects chosen for session 2019-20 taking due account of all relevant information.

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