Advanced Higher Chemists

Welcome to the new Advanced higher Chemists, Mr Choi has set up a Team so please make sure that you have logged in as he is posting class notes and has set a homework exercise to be completed. Let us know if you need any help getting set up!

Higher Chemists

Hello to our new delightful Higher Chemists! An assignment has been posted on Teams on the work covered this week.  It is a revision quiz on N5 calculations.  It is due tomorrow.  Remember if you need any help just ask.  Show us how committed you are by giving us a great response.  Good Luck

S2 Science – Home experiments

Hi S2, please make sure that you log into Teams as there have been a few home experiments added today for you to try out. Make sure you send us your photos/videos of your experiments. We love seeing them!

Higher Chemists

Your task this week has been to complete the calculation revision questions on the power point and self mark it (this has been posted on Teams).  A quiz will be posted at the beginning of next week to see how you have managed with this.  Please remember to ask if you need any help.

S3 Chemistry

All pupils who have chosen to take Chemistry next year should have logged into Teams with the new S3 Chemistry code. Work on the periodic table has been set and an assignment will be posted soon to see how you are getting on. Please remember just to ask if you have any questions.

S4 Chemistry

Hi everyone,

Please make sure that you log into Teams with the new S4 code and complete the work set by Mrs Liddell at the end of last week and then complete the assignment posted today.

Remember that Mrs Brown is hosting a live lesson tomorrow at 11am (details are on the Team page). I’m looking forward to hearing all your voices.

Take care!

S3 Physics

Escape Room

Please complete the digital escape room on Teams. Help Mr Savage defeat the Chemistry and Biology Empire! Fill out the form at the end too with feedback to let him know if you enjoyed it.

New Team Codes

As of this week, all Science groups will now move over to Microsoft Teams and the use of Edmodo will cease. Below is the list of subject groups, teams codes, and topic of work.

All students are encouraged to move over as soon as possible and you should message your Pupil Support Teacher if you need their GLOW email/password.

Have a look at the following video tutorial to show you how to access Teams

Group Codes Work


S2 Science lpk68hw Biodiversity
S4 Science t48co2z Health
S3 Biology azaqhc8 Ecosystems
N4/5 Biology (S4) cg1tecu Specialisation and Stem Cells
S5 N5 Biology dwxj6vm Specialisation and Stem Cells
Higher Human Biology hyc3i45 Stem Cells
AH Biology 9j8vg1q Immunity
S3 Chemistry op0p1d9 Atoms and elements
N4/5 Chemistry (S4) mi9rbk9 Acids
Higher Chemistry 4vkwscj Trends in the Periodic Table
AH Chemistry 7515lmi Electrmagnetic Spectrum
S3 Physics 3fgcq1l Prefixes and Scientific Notation
N4/5 Physics (S4) bcdz68o Escape Room
S5 N5 Physics o1odklj Revision task
Higher Physics sa4te3n Uncertainties/N5 revision

S3 Chemistry – Save the date

Hi everyone, Mrs Brown is planning to hold a live lesson tomorrow (Thursday 11th June) at 2pm. She will be doing some revision on the Acids and Bases unit covering what you have learned so far, answering any questions you may have and doing some more practice questions live. Please log in to Teams just before 2pm and click on the link to join!

S3 Chemistry

Hi everyone, we hope you all got on well with the tasks this week. Remember if you have any questions please just ask one of us. The next quiz has been posted on Teams  (due to be completed by Monday) and is on all of the learning in acids and bases so far so please use your notes or BBC bitesize to help you when answering the questions. Good luck!