S3 Chemists

This week we are continuing with Ionic bonding, all of the resources are in the week 9 folder of your Team, and I would like you to complete the following tasks.

  • Watch the recorded PowerPoint which looks at how to write ionic formula and the structure of ionic compounds and complete the tasks in the PowerPoint.
  • Attend the 2 live sessions. The first one is tomorrow at 9.45am and will be a live lesson and then the second one is on Thursday at 9am and will be a tutorial. These will take place on the S3 Chemistry Live Lessons Team.
  • Your assignment this week will be a homework exercise that we will ask you to submit so that we can see your working and correct any mistakes. I will post this on Wednesday morning with more details of what we want you to do.

Remember if you need anything, we are here to help! 🙂

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