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New video for learners- Studying for SQA Qualifications Using SCHOLAR We are delighted to announce the release of our latest support video for learners. This new resource, “[ ]Studying for SQA Qualifications Using SCHOLAR”, has been created to show learners how to use SCHOLAR in their studies as they work towards a National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualification. The video is suitable for learners with no prior experience of SCHOLAR, but may also be of benefit to students with summative assessments or exams approaching who may wish to use the interactive course materials and automatically marked, end of topic and end of unit assessments for consolidation and revision.

Our new video is available at

S3 Physics

Week commencing 8th March

We have concluded the content within the Waves and Radiation topic. All pupils should now be starting a period of revision of all the content we have covered since the start of S3.

Summary notes should be completed with the aid of the documents available on Teams.

Homework exercises 6, 7 and 8 should be completed and submitted on the assignments tab by the end of this week.

The Class Notebook contains notes, worked examples, embedded videos and simulations covering the whole topic and should be explored. This is an available tab within Teams on computers but may require the OneNote app to be downloaded on mobile devices.

Mr Savage will host a live tutorial – based on past paper questions – on Thursday Period 4.

British Science Week 2021 for S1 and S2

National Science Week (2 weeks for Taylor High School) is a celebration of Science, Technology and Engineering.  It starts this week and will end on Friday 14/03/21.  You will have many opportunities to take part in lots of fun activities through accessing the Science Virtual Classroom in the S1 Science Team which you are a member of.

You will have 2 assignments to complete:

Assignment 1 – To post at least 1 photograph of you taking part in the many activities available, but please post lots to let us see what you got up to.

Assignment 2 – Competitions Time.  This is a quiz to complete our National Science Week event.

Good luck all, and we hope you have a fun filled 2 weeks.

National 4 Biology

We are moving onto DNA, genes and chromosomes.  Week 8 learning grid is in the Team.  Pupils should work through the activities all week.  Activities in boxes 1-4 should be completed by Tuesday.  Tutorial on Tuesday will cover all the points in this topic.  All pupils are asked to submit their assignments before Friday (this is in your Team).

Week beginning 1st March S4 National 5 Biology

You will find this weeks work on your virtual classroom posted on remote learning week 8 on your class team.

This weeks work covers transport across the cell membrane.  Students should read the PowerPoints and complete their class notes using Unit 1 workbook 2.  There will be a live lesson on Tuesday period 1 and 2 going over the PowerPoints on transport across the cell membrane and the class notes.  Assignments will be posted during the week.  There will also be a live tutorial on Friday periods 3 and 4.

Higher Human Biology

We will start unit 3 this week.  The beginning of this unit will cover neurobiology.  Learning grid for week 8 is in your HHB Team.  Please see grid for all your work.  There will be a live lesson on Wednesday P2 and 3.  Plus a tutorial on Friday P2. A “drop in” will be available to any HHB with their teacher on Friday P6, to cover any aspects of the work they may have difficulty with.  The “drop in” will also look at past paper questions from 1.2.

Advanced Higher Biology

This week pupils will investigate the life cycle of the parasitic infection Schistosomiasis and viral life cycles.  Pupils will then begin to learn about transmission, virulence and ways that the immune system defends against parasitic attack.

Senior National 5

This week pupils will begin to work on the Ecosystems topic.  Pupils will have recorded lessons and extended response questions to complete before their tutorial on Thursday.

S3 Chemists

A reminder of the work that has to be completed this week. All documents can be found on your class Team.

  1. Watch the recorded PowerPoint (mp4) on forming ions. This has less slides than the main PowerPoint so after watching this please then access the PowerPoint and complete all tasks within this. There are a few video’s to watch, some notes to copy and some examples to try.
  2. Attend the live sessions. I will be holding 2 sessions this week (from your feedback I have adapted the times to make sue that they don’t clash with other subjects)
    • Tuesday @9.45am – this will be a live lesson and I will go through how Ions are formed
    • Thursday @9am – This will be a tutorial. I will have some examples for us to work through and also there will be a chance for you to ask any questions.
  3. Complete homework exercise 4 by Thursday this week as I will spend some time at the tutorial going over these answers and will also post the answers on the Team after this.
  4. Complete the quiz – once again this will be posted as an assignment that your teacher will give you feedback on. I will post this after the tutorial on Thursday, so you have time to complete it by the end of the week.