Senior National 5

This week pupils will begin to work on the Ecosystems topic.  Pupils will have recorded lessons and extended response questions to complete before their tutorial on Thursday.

S3 Chemists

A reminder of the work that has to be completed this week. All documents can be found on your class Team.

  1. Watch the recorded PowerPoint (mp4) on forming ions. This has less slides than the main PowerPoint so after watching this please then access the PowerPoint and complete all tasks within this. There are a few video’s to watch, some notes to copy and some examples to try.
  2. Attend the live sessions. I will be holding 2 sessions this week (from your feedback I have adapted the times to make sue that they don’t clash with other subjects)
    • Tuesday @9.45am – this will be a live lesson and I will go through how Ions are formed
    • Thursday @9am – This will be a tutorial. I will have some examples for us to work through and also there will be a chance for you to ask any questions.
  3. Complete homework exercise 4 by Thursday this week as I will spend some time at the tutorial going over these answers and will also post the answers on the Team after this.
  4. Complete the quiz – once again this will be posted as an assignment that your teacher will give you feedback on. I will post this after the tutorial on Thursday, so you have time to complete it by the end of the week.


Higher Physics

Week commencing 22nd February

Firstly, a reminder that the Electric Fields assignment is due today.

The relevant pages of the Summary Notes should be read prior to the recorded lesson which will be available shortly. Past Paper questions have been posted which should be attempted.

Live Tutorial on Thursday will be going over these questions.

S3 Girls – “Engineering the Future for Girls”

The University of Strathclyde are running (remotely) their annual programme this June aimed at inspiring S3 girls to pursue careers in engineering.  This will happen through hearing from female engineers within industry and taking a glimpse into what a career in engineering could look like.

Applications are open to anyone, however as there are only 100 places available it would be best suited for those with a keen interest in Science, Technology and/or Engineering – this will need to be demonstrated within their personal statement and details will have to be given of a teacher who can support this. For this reason, ideally you will be currently studying Physics and/or Chemistry.

More details at the attached link.

Please contact Mr Savage for more details and to state your interest.

S3 Physics

Week commencing 22nd February

All pupils are to watch the recorded live lesson available on the Live Lessons team.

Relevant Summary Notes pages and Problems are to be completed, specific details of which can be found on the Remote Learning channels within each Class Team.

Assignment is due to be submitted by 26th February – this is past paper questions on previously learned content.

Week beginning 22/02 Higher Human Biology

Reminder that the Cholesterol essay is to be done before Wednesday.  Hand it in as an assignment in Teams.  Now that we have finished 2.7 pathology of cardiovascular disease, we will be moving onto the final subunit of unit 2, 2.8 “Blood glucose levels and Obesity”.  Pupils are being asked to read through the PowerPoint and try to fill in pupil notes.  Wednesday’s live lesson p2 and 3 will go over the control of blood glucose and calculating BMI.

Homework 9 should be completed before Friday.  Our tutorial will go over Homework 9 and the Cholesterol essay,  Unit 1 past paper questions covering stem cells has been posted in your new REVISION folder in your class notebook.  Pupils are encouraged to do these questions in their past paper jotter before Friday.  Answers will be posted, and any help required will be offered.

Perseverance rover landing on Mars – LIVE from NASA’s feed

This Thursday The Royal Society of Chemistry will be streaming the Perseverance rover landing on Mars – LIVE from NASA’s feed (we have their approval in writing which is pretty insane. :)) – in collaboration with the UK Space Agency.

You can stream it live on our TikTok channel tomorrow (18th February) at 20:15: (you can view it on desktop, the app is not mandatory).

The actual landing is predicted to be at 20:55, but it can happen earlier or later – it is over 200 million miles away so who knows how accurate this prediction is!:)

The mission is searching for signs of ancient life on Mars which involves a lot of chemistry of course – including collecting and analysing samples of rock and regolith that will be coming back only in 2031.

As well as leading the search for alien life on the red planet, Perseverance will test out a new instrument, Moxie, that aims to convert the Martian air into oxygen.