Well done to all the pupils who have completed tasks on Edmodo for Technologies. New tasks have been set for this week.

If you need any assistance please contract Mr Russell


New tasks are added on Edmodo every Monday for each year group/ subject. You can post your work under the note of the task  on Edmodo for everyone to see or you can send directly to the teacher running the group through private messaging on Edmodo so only the teacher can see your work.

Teachers responsible for each year/subject:

S1 Home Economics- Miss Bannatyne

S1 Technical- Mr McDonagh

S2 Home Economics- Mrs Burke

S2 Technical- Mr MacLeod

S3 Graphics- Mr McDonagh

S3 Practical Woodwork- Mr MacLeod

S3 Practical Cookery- Mr Russell

S3 Fashion- Mrs Burke

S3 Health and Food- Miss Bannatyne

We love seeing the great work you are producing at home!