S5/6 Pupils Caritas: Get Involved

Welcome to the last week of term. Normally at this time we would be in school planning for what will happen next year.

One thing S5 and S6 students might be involved in is Caritas. This is a programme for S5/6 students to serve in their parish or faith community (it is open to people of all religions)

It also involves service in school. Some of our new S6  started their activities last year.

These two PowerPoints show what is involved in Caritas.

What is Caritas?

What might your Caritas year look like?

This year may well be different but churches are beginning to reopen. This week they are setting up the churches for social distancing so this may be a chance to help out. Why not phone and ask if you can help?

If you are interested you can contact me at: gw09mcmahonmartin@glow.sch.uk

Here are the contacts for our parishes:

St Francis Xavier, Carfin: Fr Jim Grant Tel: 01698 832316

St John Bosco, New Stevenston and Christ the King, Holytown: Fr Gerry Haddock Tel: 01698 832316

St Teresa’s, Newarthill: Fr Bernardine Muoka  Tel: 01698 832920

St Mary’s, Cleland: Fr Liam O’Connor Tel: 01698 860254


Pentecost Sunday

Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday.

This feast celebrates when the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles hiding in the upper room. Filled with the Spirit, they began to go out into the world to preach the Good News of Jesus. This feast is also known as the birthday of the Church.

Pupils have been working this week on activities connected to Pentecost.

Ascension Thursday

Welcome to the new week, the sixth week of Easter. This Thursday is the feast of the Ascension.

It celebrates when Jesus returned to be with His Father in heaven.

It is a Holiday of Obligation, which means Catholics are expected to go to Mass on that day.

Obviously during lockdown churches are closed. However, many churches are streaming Mass live on the internet. Why not take part in one of these? You can find the Masses being live-streamed  in the diocese of Motherwell here:


S3 Mary’s Meals Work

Porridge being prepared in a school
Porridge being prepared in a school

A new piece of work has been posted in Edmodo for S3.


It is looking at the work of Mary’s Meals, a charity named after Our Lady and dedicated to helping poor children receive a meal everyday at school.


We will see how they  are still trying to help when schools are closed in many countries.




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