Wagamama event

Before the summer break, as part of Taylor High School’s commitment to ‘Developing our Young Workforce’, the New S4 cohort experienced an introduction to the world of work by having a live demonstration from the incredibly talented Wagamama crew from the Glasgow Fort branch. The main driver behind the session was to deliver a work relevant educational experience for our young people, and the guys at Wagamama brought an incredible vibe which has contributed towards our students being able to make an informed choice about the potential jobs and careers which are just on their doorstep.

As part of the enhanced programme that was delivered, Head Chef, Garry Rae presented a short introduction to the organisation and introduced the students to the story and history of Wagamama, and also introduced the types of jobs that are available within the UK wide brand.

After the presentation, Garry and his incredibly talented team held ‘breakaway sessions’ to showcase Wagamama’s emphasis on healthy eating, freshness and flavour. Students were able to move around live cookery stations which included a fresh juice bar, a live cookery demonstration event displaying some of the incredibly tasty dishes that are on offer on their menu and an ingredients table which gave students exposure to the type of exotic Asian ingredients that are used within the cookery at the restaurant.

The 154 strong student cohort all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were fully engaged throughout enjoying all of the free samples on offer, especially all of the fresh Ramen dishes that were made right in front of them at the live cookery station.

As part of Wagamama’s commitment to helping the community and assisting young people into work, Mr Williams’ Hospitality class have been invited into the Glasgow Fort branch to learn more about understanding and using ingredients and the class will take part in a cooking challenge to make their own Ramen dish (noodle broth). During these sessions the class will be taught how to make fresh food, and at the same time, have the opportunity the work within a commercial kitchen environment which will give them a valuable insight into the world of work within the hospitality industry.

We all have a stake in supporting our young people into the work force and on behalf of Miss Daley and Mr Williams we would like to thank Wagamama at Glasgow Fort helping us work towards achieving this.



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