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Have a lovely summer holiday

We have updated our FAQ Section

 We will try to answer your questions below, but please be aware that this is a developing situation and we do not have all the answers yet, please check our website, app and Twitter for school-specific information over the summer holiday, we will also email you.

You can keep up to date with the latest North Lanarkshire Council school plans by visiting

Click on the questions below to view the answers

Preparing for a return to school 

When will my child return to school?

You can find the latest Government advice here,  At this point in time we are planning for pupils to return to school on 12th August and you can find out more about those plans here.   However, as you will note from briefings from Scottish Government the format in which pupils return (full time or blended) depends on the phase of lockdown.  Planning assumptions at this time are for a full-time return, however this is evolving and you should keep yourself up to date by checking the North Lanarkshire School Plans page linked above.

Once plans are confirmed we will be in a position to confirm arrangements to you for August.

What will school be like in August?

This is a changing situation and we would urge you to keep up to date by visiting

What will nursery be like in August?

The council is on track to deliver 1140 hours to all children by September, with some eligible starting in August changes. Key workers can be also be reassured that they will continue to receive 1140 hours in August.

The roll-out of lunch provision for eligible children will continue in August 2020. Once all eligible children return to their sessions in August we will confirm the increase in hours to parents and carers. Find out more here:

What will happen to children moving from nursery to school?

We know it is very exciting moving to primary school, but we also know that some parents/carers may be nervous about the transition. Please do not worry, we will all work to make sure it is fine and that all children settle into their new classes. We will all be there to champion them on!

How can I keep my child safe?

You can keep yourself and your child safe by following the Government advice, you can find the latest advice here. You can use visual cues to aid your child in washing their hands and we have included some here.

The school will look a little different when they return, so you should make sure they are prepared for that and know to wash their hand regularly and follow the social distancing rules.

Will the online learning continue throughout the summer holidays?

The current Online Learning will end on Wednesday 24th June as this would have been the beginning of the summer holiday period. Details of how learning will work in August will be communicated when confirmed, but there will be no online learning during the summer holidays.

What uniform will my child wear in August?

There will be no change to school uniform in August. This is to enable our families to continue to use any uniform they have already on our return

Who should go to the Hub over summer?

If you are a key worker and require support then you can take your child to the Hub over the summer holiday.  There is a form to complete beforehand here

Our summer Hub is: Sir Matt Busby Sports Centre in main street Bellshill and is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and at weekends the Hub is Airdrie Leisure Centre between 10am – 3pm. Different arrangements apply for children under 5 years old – please check the North Lanarkshire website for the latest information on summer Hubs here.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any child who has symptoms of coronavirus, or who lives in a household where someone has symptoms, present at a Hub. The whole family must follow the self-isolation advice which can be found here.

Am I a key worker?

Key workers have been split into 3 categories by the Government.

Please note that it is presumed that key workers in categories 2 and 3 should work from home if they can.

The categories are listed below, you can also find them here with a video from North Lanarkshire Council education convener Frank McNally which explains this in more detail.

Category 1


• Health and care workers directly supporting COVID-19 response and associated staff
• Workers supporting life-threatening emergency work as well as critical primary and community care provision
• Staff of energy suppliers
• Staff, including teachers and early years workers, providing childcare and learning for other key workers and staff who support school buildings

Category 2

Please note that the first presumption is that staff who can work from home will work from home

• All other health and care workers including home support staff and care home staff
• Emergency services staff, including police, fire and rescue, prison officers
• Military personnel
• Social workers

Those supporting critical national infrastructure including:

• Staff keeping air, water, road and rail passenger transport operating
• Oil, gas, electricity and water and sewerage workers
• Logistics staff including drivers and transport workers
• Food and other necessary goods staff including food production, processing, distribution, sale, delivery as well as those essential to the provision of hygienic and veterinary medicines
• Staff in essential financial service provision including banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure; IT and data infrastructure; postal services; civil nuclear, chemicals and telecommunications; payment providers; waste disposal.
• Journalists and broadcasters

Category 3

Other council and associated staff in the following categories. Please note that the first presumption is that staff who can work from home will work from home

• Strategic-level management and support staff
• Waste services staff
• Fleet services staff
• Cemeteries staff
• Property repairs and maintenance staff including frontline workers of Mears and Saltire
• Roads and lighting maintenance staff including staff of Amey
• Facility support services including cleaning, catering, school crossing patrollers and janitorial staff
• Human resources staff including payroll and employee service centre
• IT staff
• Communications staff
• Finance staff including welfare, revenue and benefits staff and municipal bank staff
• Registration staff
• Essential legal services
• Psychological services staff

I am a key worker, does this mean that I should automatically send my child to the Hub anyway?


Please only send your child to the Hub if you have absolutely no other childcare provision and this would prevent you from carrying out your key duties.

We really need to reserve the spaces at the Hub for the most vulnerable pupils and those who have no other childcare provision.

What time is the Hub school open?

Please see the North Lanarkshire Council for the latest news:

My child receives a free school meal, am I still entitled to this?

The families of around 8,000 children in North Lanarkshire who are eligible for free school meals will receive weekly vouchers of £15 per child over the summer holidays, as Councillor Frank McNally, Convener of Education and Families explains in this short video.

The new summer holiday voucher scheme provides targeted support for low-income families in receipt of benefits; helping the most vulnerable children in our communities.

In addition, free packed lunches will be available to primary pupils through our ground-breaking Club365 programme from our summer hubs.

If your financial circumstances have changed and you require to apply for Free Meal Entitlement please contact

If your personal circumstances have changed recently then please contact our Financial Inclusion Team who can help with debt advice, council tax relief and income maximisation.

Tel: 01698 332551 or email:

Is North Lanarkshire Council Club 365 still running at weekends and holidays?


Find out the latest information here:

I am not listed as a key worker but can I still send my child to a Hub?


We must all play our part in this by following all the advice given. Only the children of key workers, as identified on the list are permitted. Please help protect lives by playing your part.

Someone in my household is showing symptoms of Covid-19, can I still drop my child off at Hub if they are showing no symptoms themselves?


Under no circumstances should you send a child to the Hub who has been in contact or shares a household with someone who has shown symptoms of Covid-19, even if you are a key worker. The entire household, including the key worker, should self isolate for 14 days as per Government advice.

I am a key worker but my partner isn’t. What should we do?

If you are a key worker and your partner (or a non-vulnerable family member) can care for your children then you should not bring your children to the Hub. Children should only be brought to the Hub if you are a key worker and have no other childcare provision at all and therefore would be unable to carry out your key duties.

Only use Hub support if you need to, therefore if you have a partner who is not a key worker then they must care for your child at home.

I am a key worker and need to drop my child to the Hub, will school transport be running?

Key workers must take their child to the Hub. There is no transport arrangements.

Can I visit the Hub to speak to a member of staff?

The Hubs are being manned by volunteers and CLD workers. There will be no teaching staff at the Hubs during the summer holidays.  You should telephone the Hub directly if you need to speak to a member of staff regarding arrangements for your child.

I am a key worker where should I drop off/pick up my child from?

Please drop off and pick up your child from the main entrance  of the summer Hubs, following any guidance that is in place.

Does my child have to wear school uniform in the Hub?



We will keep you updated via our website, our app, Twitter and email.

How do I contact a member of staff or a specific teacher?

Our school building is now closed, therefore contact us by email

My child has forgotten their usernames or password, who should I contact?

Passwords and accounts will be reset in August. You should make sure of the offline material in the Pupil Zone in our website over the summer holidays.

My contact details have changed, who will I let know?

We really need to have your up to date details, particularly during this time. Please send your details to

How do I follow you on Twitter?

Please search for @MossendPS on Twitter and press follow.

How do I get the Mossend Primary App?

The app is available to download free of charge on the Apple and Android stores. Click the links to download to your device, ensure you allow notifications for the latest news to be pushed through.

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