Our first ever swarm!


We have been very vigilant over the last few years to make sure that our bees have been unable to swarm.

However we (I) made a few amateur mistakes this year. The main one was that I left more than one queen cell in the bee hive which means that when the first queen hatches she can swarm with some of the bees. This is called a “cast swarm”.


Fortunately we spotted that the bees were swarming and were able to hunt them down and catch them.


This was was the first time we have caught a swarm so messed it up a bit but got lucky and the bees liked the new home we moved them into and are happy there.


We we will move them into a full sized hive soon which was bought for us generously by Mr McMullan snr who is our main beekeeping mentor.

Enjoy the video and remember if you see a swarm of bees call Mr McMullan and he will come hunt them down!

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