Winter update video

Here is a short video of me checking the hive today. The bees have access to the fondant through a hole underneath it and another hole to access the top of the hive. You can’t see many bees through the hole because they are clustering down below because it is so cold.



Clustering bees

The bees are clustering at the moment, which means they are huddled together in the middle of the hive and are not moving very much.


This is just like penguins – the bees on the outside vibrate their wings to create heat and then swap with the bees in the middle when they get cold or tired.


We are feeding them some icing sugar, but they have only eaten about 1/4 of it. They have lots of honey left so they should be fine for the next few weeks. We will keep an eye on them and if they run out of food, we will give them more!