Oxalic acid treatment

Article 29 – education must develop the talents, abilities and personalities to the full.


Today some children from Primary 6/7 were giving the bees some medicine.


Oxalic acid kills the varroa mites that live on the bees and weaken them.

It doesn’t kill the bees. We use it at this time of year because the queen isn’t laying many eggs and the varroa mites aren’t inside the cells. This treatment should kill 99% of all the varroa mites in the hive and keep the hive healthy.

Article 24 – every child has the right to the best possible health.

The children were learning about how to safely protect themselves from the bees and how to behave around the bees to keep them calm and safe.

First we dressed and made sure that the bee suits were fully tucked in at the ankles and wrists. Very important to check our veils are fully zipped up.

We worked as a team to check each other was fully protected.

This group will then help the next group to safely protect themselves the next time we need to inspect the bees.