bees wax lip balm

As part of our Primary 6/7 and Primary7 honey and wax business, we have made coconut and beeswax lipbalm.

First, grate the beeswax to make it easier to melt.

Then mix with coconut oil and set in a bain marie.



When all the max is melted, use a pipette to transfer it into lip balm tubs.

Be careful not to heat it over 65 degrees, because then the wax will burn and discolour.

These will be on sale along with our honey, candles and necklaces when the shop opens!

Bees update

Our bees are tightly clustered for the winter months now.

We stole all of their winter food for our honey business but we fed them a mixture of sugar and water so that they are able to survive the winter.

We have also put icing fondant on the top of the hive so that they can access more food if they are hungry.

We have also placed mouse guards on the front to stop mice getting in and eating all the honey.

Hopefully both of our hives survive this winter!