Honey Extraction Day and News

It is that time of year We our Honey extraction day

Today in school we were learning how to extract the honey from the frames we did this with every class.

Top Tips

  • Don’t spin the extractor too fast
  • Always dry your knife
  • Don’t cut too deep into the frame
  • Cover the floor in paper

Steps on how to extract honey

  • clean everything
  • check taps are closed twice
  • boil kettle
  • cut off wax
  • take frame and put it in the extractor
  • start spinning it
  • go a bit faster
  • flip frames twice
  • stop spinning
  • tip honey into settling tank and sieve it in

With these skills we were able to make and drain the honey.👍🏻

Great work from every class!

Article 24: Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being.

We are happy to announce that we are starting a Jam business, there is going to be bramble, rhubarb , plumb jam!