Carbrain primary 1 visit

Today we had visitors from Carbrain Primary school to learn about our busy buzzing bees.

We showed them all the equipment that you need to stay safe when inspecting the bees and made up some food for the bees to eat.

The primary ones watched as we performed an inspection of the new hive and it is full of bees! We are now going to out a super box on the top so that they can start making some delicious honey!

The bees in the old hive are still quite grumpy so we didn’t open it. Hopefully the new queen will hatch next Friday and they will calm down a bit!

Queen update

We have had a bit of a mare!

The queen in the old hive either never hatched or has died since she hatched.

She could have gotten injured when she was out on her mating flights or she could have gotten lost or eaten by a predator – we will never know.

However, we know that there is no queen in the old hive! This means the bees are unhappy.

We have taken a frame which had eggs and larva in it from the new hive and put it in the old hive to see if the bees will grow a new queen. Watch the video to find out what happened.



There is a massive mystery with the new queen. We don’t know where she is!!! We have watched the video of the bees opening the cell and can’t see her anywhere!


At assembly today the children brainstormed in house groups to try and work out what has happened to her. The children came up with some very clever theories for what has happened.



We need to leave the hive undisturbed until next week before we can take a look and see if she is there so come back next week for a further update!

Feeding the new hive

Today some of the p7s were applying their measuring skills to make up sugar syrup for the new bee hive. This will help them to build new wax to store honey in. This process takes a lot of energy so we feed them to make it quicker for them.