Bee slow motions!

That’s nearly it for the year for the bees.

Hive 1 has enough food and enough bees so should survive the winter.

Hive 2 has now had “bombee dreams” added into it along with the other bees from the nucleus colony and has nearly enough food for the winter.

We need to feed hive 2 and give it one more inspection next week when it isn’t too cold to make sure they have enough bees.

Here are a couple of cool slow motion videos of the bees from yesterday!

Marking our queens

Yesterday we were able to find our two new queens and get them marked with a yellow pen.

Yellow shows that they were born in 2017. Next year is red.

Our two new queens are called “Beeyonce 2” and “Bombee Dreams”.

Last week we also took our first honey crop from our bees!

This was a great learning experience for all the children.

The honey will be on sale to the staff of the school first this week and all profits will  go to the Qhubeka charity, which provides bikes to people in Africa in exchange for community work such as collecting litter or planting trees.

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