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Homework – Networks

Topics 5 and 6 – Networking

  1. Explain the difference between LAN’s and WAN’s with reference to transmission media, bandwidths and geographical spread. (2)
  2. Explain the difference between a mainframe computer with terminals and a network of computers. (2)
  3. Explain the differences between client server and peer-to-peer networks. (2)
  4. On a LAN describe the functions of file, print and web servers. (2)
  5. Describe a bus topology in terms of nodes and channels. Describe the consequences of failure of a node and a channel. (2)
  6. Describe the functions of a hub, switch and router on a network with particular reference to the differences between a hub and a switch. (3)
  7. Explain why a network computer needs a network interface card (NIC). (1)
  8. Explain briefly why networks are becoming increasingly widespread. (2)
  9. Explain how a virus may be spread to a computer and how it then may take effect. (2)
  10. The access a user has on the network depends on their permissions. Explain what is meant by permissions giving as an example the permissions you may have on your own folder and a shared folder on the network. (2)
Total Marks 20

Introduction to networks

I forgot to set today’s blogger so I will make the post today.

We started topic 5 &6  of computer systems today which is networking. You will find the full contents of the topic at the bottom of the post, these were lifted from the SQA arrangements.

Today’s lesson focused on the need for networks and the desire to share information. A lot of the class was spent discussing the sharing of information offline as well and online. We looked at the need for a Network Interface Card (NIC) and the advantages of central stores of information (Capacity and backup)

  • Comparison of LANs, WANs, Intranet and Internet work in terms of transmission media, bandwidth, geographical spread and functions
  • Distinction between a mainframe with terminals and a network of computers
  • Descriptive comparison of peer-to-peer networks and client server networks
  • Description of the functions of file, print and web servers
  • Description of a node and a channel
  • Description of bus, star, ring and mesh topologies using the terms node and channel
  • Description of the consequences for each of the above topologies of node and channel failure
  • Simple description of the functions and uses of a hub, switch and router
  • Identification of the need for a network interface card (NIC)
  • Description and explanation of the trends towards higher bandwidth and wireless communications
  • Description of the following technical reasons for the increasingly widespread use of networks:
    • advances in computer hardware, including processors, main memory capacity, backing storage, data transfer rates
    • improved network related software, including browsers and network operating systems
  • Description of the misuse of networks for the following illegal purposes: breaching copyright, hacking and planting viruses
  • Description of the application of the Computer Misuse Act, the Copyright Designs and Patents Act and the Data Protection Act to the misuse of networks