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Homework for Wed 7th Dec

  1. Give two reasons why computers use binary numbers to represent and store data.(2)
  2. Represent 0111 0100 in decimal.(1)
  3. Describe how graphics are stored using a bit-mapped package.(2)
  4. An image is 4 x 6 inches, has a resolution of 800 dpi and each pixel can display 65,536 different colours. Calculate the storage requirements of this image. Express your answer using suitable units. Show all working. (3)
  5. State two advantages of storing the above image as a vector graphic rather than a bit-map.(2)
  6. Represent 13.25 in floating point notation.  Express the mantissa in 16-bits and the exponent in 8-bits.(2)
  7. What is meant by the term lossless compression?(1)
  8. Explain how the Unicode system overcomes the limitations of ASCII.(1)
  9. How many different colours could be represented with a bit depth of one byte(1)

Out of 15.