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Homework w/b 15th Dec


Q1 Explain the difference between LAN’s and WAN’s with reference to transmission media, bandwidths and geographical spread. (2)
Q2 Explain the difference between a mainframe computer with terminals and a network of computers. (2)
Q3 Explain the differences between client server and peer-to-peer networks. (2)
Q4 On a LAN describe the functions of file, print and web servers. (2)
Q5 Describe a bus topology in terms of nodes and channels. Describe the consequences of failure of a node and a channel. (2)
Q6 Describe the functions of a hub, switch and router on a network with particular reference to the differences between a hub and a switch. (3)
Q7 Explain why a network computer needs a network interface card (NIC). (1)
Q8 Explain briefly why networks are becoming increasingly widespread. (2)
Q9 Explain how a virus may be spread to a computer and how it then may take effect. (2)
Q10 The access a user has on the network depends on their permissions. Explain what is meant by permissions giving as an example the permissions you may have on your own folder and a shared folder on the network. (2)

Total Marks – 20