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Coursework – good and bad

The lesson today was the first in over 2 weeks. We have had very bad snow in Scotland and this has resulted in a lot of missed work. The class were reminded about Scholar, Glow and other resources.

The class was sorted into friendship pairs and I issued sample coursework to the pairs. One half of the room had candidate 2 and the other candidate 3. The pairs were to discuss the coursework given out and look at the example to find out if it was a good or poor candidate. Both example students had passed the coursework task when it was given but one had scrapped a pass and the other had achieved 58/60. We swapped sheets and took notes about what is expected during the coursework.

The class has had some problems with glow so we undertook a sample homework assessment to make sure that the class could submit the homework for Tuesday on time. Scott Brown scored full marks in the sample homework.

Homework will be posted in Glow tonight.