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Multimedia NAB 2 – Graphics Task

Navigate to the Computing->Higher->Multimedia->NAB2 folder on the pupil share.

  • Using Photoshop CS3 merge the hot air balloon and landscape to make a new graphic.
  • Create an SVG in notepad using the Blank.svg file. It should be an image of a Red Circle inside a blue square.

You are allowed to use the Internet and this blog to find assistance in completing this task. Both files should be saved in your file area before being printed, black and white is fine.

Question make up

The higher paper is made up of both KU and PS questions, just like the standard grade. If you don’t believe it have a look in a marking scheme.

The image above is taken from the arrangements document, it gives you a list of keywords you can use to identify KU & PS questions. Remember that it is important to answer all questions in the context they were given. So for a question about “surequickfit”, you should mention “surequickfit” in your answer as well as relate to their problem. The breakdown of the assessment is below. Continue reading Question make up

Multimedia NAB

Took place today and signaled the end of the course.

Remember there will be an exam on the Tuesday we return from holiday, it will cover the Multimedia unit as well as a question on each of software development and computer systems. The resit for the NAB will be on the Wednesday.

The two weeks when we return will be spent on Past Paper questions.  Please make sure that over the Holidays you attempt all the papers I gave you . This will allow you to create a list of “problem topics” we can then use these in class for revision or to create the FAQ on the blog.

Please keep commenting on the blog over the holidays and feel free to drop me an email via Glow. I will be checking this during the holidays.

WARNING!! I know computing is the last exam for a lot of you, that DOES NOT mean you can leave studying for it till the last minute. Little and often is my motto, if you haven’t started then START.

Multimedia Task

  • Download the picture.
  • Create a multimedia document explaining the different graphic file formats using the converted picture as examples
  • Show the effect colour depth has on file size and picture quality
  • Download the sound
  • Use sound editing software to apply a range of effect to the sound
  • Change the sample rate and sample size of the sound and investigate the effects on file size and sound quality.
  • Report back in the multimedia document.