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two weeks to go!

The exam is two weeks away and we are still in school. I thought that it might be a good idea for everyone to check what materials they have.

You should have the following Scholar notes

Computer Systems
Data representation
Computer structure
Computer software
Software Development
Software development process
Software development languages and environments
High level programming language constructs
Standard algorithms
Multimedia Technology
Development process for multimedia applications
Bit-mapped graphic data
Digitised sound data
Video data
Vector graphics data
Synthesised sound data
Implications of the use of multimedia technology

You should also have revision notes for units and past papers. If you are short of materials then please just ask, this is the last year of higher computing, so any notes we have left will be in the recycler by the 7th of May.

Multimedia – Video Framerate

Today we looked at video and the need for compression. However, remember the important thing for videos is bitrate! Take for example the game Witcher 3. On the PC it can be displayed at 4K, on the PS4 1080p and the xBox One at 900p. The reason for this is the specification of machines and their GPUs. The PC can be upgraded which means that you can spend more money buying better components which can process faster. The consoles are limited by the spec they were designed with, this in turn means that machines with limited processing power can simply not push the number of bits required to display in 4K. However, the PS4 and xbox One claim to be 4K consoles, I guess time will tell.

Homework for 19th March

Please answer these questions

1. 600 x 300 pixels, 24 bit colour depth

2. 600 x 400, 16 bit colour depth

3. 600 x 600, 24 bit colour depth

4. An image is 6 inches by 8 inches, and has a resolution of 1200 dpi. It has a bit depth of 20.
(a) How many colours can the image store?
(b) What will be the file size of the image?

5. A photograph measures 10 inches by 7 inches, and has a resolution of 400 dpi. The number of colours each pixel can store is 65536.
(a) What is the bit depth of the image?
(b) What will be the file size of the image?