Homework for 14th Dec

  1. State the purpose of registers in a microprocessor. (1)
  2. Describe the purpose of two signals found on the control bus. (2)
  3. An IT manager believes that a Pegasus computer with a 700MHz processor is faster than a Hercules computer with a 650MHz processor. Suggest two reasons why he may be incorrect. (2)
  4. What is the purpose of a control unit in a CPU? (1)
  5. If a processor needs an instruction from memory, a read operation is carried out. Describe the steps of the memory read operation with reference to the processor, memory and buses. (4)
  6. Processor clock speed is one factor which affects system performance. Name one other factor and describe how it affects system performance. (2)
  7. Calculate the maximum amount of addressable memory that a processor with 24-bit address bus and 16-bit data bus could access. Express your answer in the appropriate units, (3)

Out of 15 – Some of the questions may be difficult but we did touch on them in class and will cover them fully on Wednesday. Blame the wind.