Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back following the very long summer holidays.  We are still awaiting consent forms for Twitter and blogs therefore we have not been able to tweet our usual number of photos with events.  However, that is not to say we haven’t been busy …  here are some of our highlights:

Already classes are settling into core routines with our new children in Primary 1 doing very well establishing new relationships and learning about their new environment.  Similarly those children who participated in planned transition have settled very quickly into their new classes.

Tony Bonning came along as part of the celebrations for Marymass to deliver a story-telling session and as usual all of our children and young people enjoyed the experience.

Makaton continues to be a huge focus and Mrs Carson has booked a series of workshops for September, we look forward to seeing you there and if you are interested in attending please contact the school as we still have a few spaces.  I have uploaded a poster about a Makaton Treasure hunt that is taking place at Whitelee Visitor Centre. Our Communication Hub has started but this now takes place on a Monday.  If you would like to access this please contact either Susan Rose or Anne McCune who lead the hub.

Our Haysholm school elections have begun and 2 of our seniors started their campaign at this week’s assembly.  Voting closes on Friday.  We are also having pupil council elections so lots of choice-making!

We are very excited about working together for our first joint campus collegiate tomorrow evening to progress priorities for our new school.

Lots happening – please keep following us via the Twitter app and check our GLOW blogs for an update.


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