Loch Ness

Our topic this term is Loch Ness. This week we were looking at a map to see where Loch Ness is and we were talking about a famous person who lives there – Nessie! We wrote some ‘describing’ poems about Nessie and tried to include some WOW words.

Here are some of our poems for you to read:

Nessie is….                                                                   Nessie is….

a purple, pink and black monster,                       a monster,

spiky,                                                                               enormous,

prickly                                                                             scary,

and friendly.                                                                 different colours,

by Summer                                                                    jaggy,


                                                                                           and brave.

                                                                                           by Orin

Nessie is….                                                                  Nessie is….

multi-coloured,                                                           soft and slimy,

thick and wide                                                              gigantic

spiky and strong.                                                         tough and strong

 by Megan                                                                       by Sophie

5 thoughts on “Loch Ness”

  1. These poems are great P1! You have used so many fantastic WOW words. Nessie would be pleased!

  2. Well done Pr 1. You have some exciting WOW words in your poems. I love to look out for Nessie when we drive along Loch Ness. Now I know what to look out for!

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