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Gender throughout school

When we were asked to write about how gender affected us throughout school my mind went blank. I couldn’t think straight away of any experience that has stuck in my head, obviously when I thought about it there are hundreds of little things that show the divide in gender at both primary and high school however I think its a good thing that I have no experience of it that has stuck with me in a bad way because generally  at school we were all treated the same apart from small things like boys being asked to move heavy things around class and the girls being asked to take notes to the office (even though these are both things that either gender could easily complete).

One thing I remember thinking about it now is at primary school lunch times the boys would play football and when girls asked to play they would always huff and moan because it wasn’t an all boy team anymore, which is something that wasn’t influenced by the teachers or playground staff at that time but something I believe is already in their heads due to watching football outside of school and seeing all boys teams playing professionally, so they then think that is exactly how it should be.

Overall I wouldn’t say gender affected me personally at primary school but when I look into it there are definitely many cases then and now in both primary and high school where they is gender inequality.