Reflection is crucial in teaching. If we don’t reflect then how can we progress and change the way in which we teach? Having the ability as a teacher to look back at your lessons and problems within the class to then critically reflect on them is something which will benefit both you and the children’s learning and understanding.

I found Gibbs’ Model of Reflection (1988) really useful to understand what reflection really is, I’d say it’s almost like a cycle which ultimately ends in you knowing what you would do different when the problem/situation happens again. If there is a problem and you ignore it and move on you won’t help yourself at all as the problem will still be there and could occur again, however if there is a problem and you reflect on it deeply you will therefore have a clear understand on your emotions and understanding of the problem in a better sense for the next time.

I feel reflection is something you do in your life all the time without even realising it, when you do something wrong you remember it and the next time it happens you know what you can do differently to get it right. So by reflecting more deeply on placement and when I become a teacher this will allow me to have control of my learning and understanding which will help me move forward in a positive way.


3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Katie Rebecca WhithamKatie Rebecca Whitham

    Colette, this is an excellent post which explains clearly in detail why you think reflection is important as a student teacher. You could have also added how reflection will help your students in the future to give the reader a more rounded view of the positive impact that reflection can have. Overall, a good post 🙂

  2. Alice Grange

    This is an extremely good post Colette. You make it very clear to me why you think that reflection is important to you as a student. I like how you mentioned about how you reflect without even realizing it and how when you do something wrong that it will make you aware that the next time you will change what you have done in order to make it right.


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