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Ambition to become a teacher

I always get asked the same question of why I wanted to become a teacher and I always answer the same thing; it’s all I can ever remember wanting to be. People think that’s just an easy answer but even from when I was in primary school the only thing I ever wanted to do was become a teacher. I would always be the annoying person who would want to help the teacher mark the work and do everything I could in class, and even at home when I would be playing a game with my sister or friends I would never settle to play the part of a student but always demanded on being the teacher. I always thought when I got to high school and started studying a wider range of subjects that I would change my mind and I would have a new dream but as I have now left high school and am sitting in university my goal is still the same, to become a teacher.

After doing work experience in a nursery I had even more of an adrenaline to become a teacher, even though the children were younger than primary school age it was still the most amazing thing to watch them learn and grasp different ideas. I was only there for one week but watching how much you can influence a child’s life in that time is mind blowing, knowing you have taught them even one thing is rewarding.

When I started sixth year I went back to my old primary school twice a week to help out in the classroom. This was probably the best decision I made that year because it gave me a real insight to what it was like to be a teacher as I got to watch how the teachers constructed their lessons and how the children responded, it was really weird thinking that in five years’ time that could be me standing up there. I also got one-to-one time with children who were struggling with their reading, I would go through their book with them and assist them in their reading. Watching the child’s face when they went from having no idea what a word said and not being able to get it out, to confidently saying the word was unreal. I just knew at this point there was really nothing else I wanted to be.

I want to become the kind of teacher who children feel happy to approach and know that it is someone to look up too, I want children to enjoy coming to school and being in my class every day. I would hate the idea of a child being afraid to ask a question or come speak to me with a problem they might have. Or being the teacher all the children see as the ‘crabbit one’.

I don’t exactly know how I will be as a teacher as I’m not at that stage yet but when I do become a teacher all I hope is that I am a really good, successful one.