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How easy is giving feedback?

The thought of having to read through someone’s work and comment on it critically is something which I found both beneficial and difficult.

I think peer review is definitely a really positive thing however it’s hard to do publically for the first time. I found it hard to word things especially when it came to someone else’s work so I felt myself reading my comments over and over thinking if it sounded ok before I posted it, however being able to read other peoples comments was helpful as it allowed me to see other people’s views and also I was able to see if I agreed/disagreed with what people had said. I think finding the balance in your comments between positive things and things to work on is difficult especially when some people may take something in the wrong way however it is something that will get easier as we continue our eportfolio’s.

Reading comments on my post has been something that has been really helpful because when I was writing my posts I wasn’t sure if I was on track or if I was just rambling on about things completely off topic, so reading positive comments on my post made me feel more confident. Also it is good for people to take a second look at your post and comment on any errors made or things on which to improve because that’s something I find will positively impact learning.

Peer feedback is something I think will benefit me both now as a student teacher and in the future because it’s giving me practice at looking at things with a critical eye and being able to comment things that have been done well and also what could be done to improve it.

Overall peer feedback is a positive process which will help everyone on the course both now and in the future.