Looking at my reflection

In our last eportfolio input we got the opportunity to look and read a few very good examples of our peers blog posts. This really brought the nagging feeling I had that I wasn’t trying hard enough to light. I have never engaged properly with the eportfolio I don’t feel a pressing desire to write on mine when doing reading and never felt that it helped with my own professional reflection. However I have realised that I should be using this as an outlet to show others that I do genuinely care about becoming a teacher and this profession, and I am sure tchants-field-mirror-4-by-alex-baker-photographyhat when I look back at my posts in the future I will be interested and pleased to be able to see how I progressed to become the teacher I truly want to be. Therefore expect more being posted and at a much higher quality than before. I will become a much more visibly reflective practitioner.

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