A memorable learning experience

Thinking back to my time in primary school a learning experience which is firmly stuck in my memory is studying the Tudors in my last year of primary school. We studied what it was like to live during the Tudor times both as a peasant and a rich member of society. This experience was really memorable as we got to explore lots of different aspects of Tudor life through the different subjects. We found a traditional recipe for bread and tried to make it and then all had a slice to eat. This was really memorable as it incorporated all our senses and involved literacy and technology. We also learnt a Tudor dance which we did as a PE lesson, once we learnt it we dressed up as Tudors and performed it in an assembly for the whole school.

Through using one context, the Tudors, my teacher produced a lot of content incorporating multiple subjects which helped strengthen our learning. I really enjoyed this topic and still remember elements of what we learnt today as I felt we were thoroughly immersed within the world of the Tudors.

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