MA1 Placement

1. My first goal for being on placement is to learn how to create effective lesson plans quickly and efficiently while still producing interesting and engaging lessons for the pupils. I think this is a very important skill for a teacher to develop as without the ability to produce good lesson plans in a minimum time period your lessons will be uninspiring and you will waste a great deal of valuable time trying to make lesson plans unless you can create them quickly. This goal links to the SPR specification:

2.1.3- know how to plan for effective teaching and learning across different context and experiences.

After seeing this specification I have expanded my goal, I also wish to be able to produce lesson plans of the same quality for every aspect of the curriculum irrespective of my own personal level of confidence within the subject.

2. My second professional goal is to improve on my own literacy and numeracy ability, I have felt that they, especially my numeracy skills, have declined in the past few months and I would like to bring them back up to a level of competency which I feel more comfortable and confident with. This goal links back to the SPR specification:

3.1.2- model appropriate levels of literacy and numeracy in their own professional practice.

3. My final goal while on placement it to become a far better reflecting practitioner. I do not feel that I am very good at reflecting on my own progress, I can often be unnecessarily harsh or fail to properly reflect on how I am progressing as a student teacher. I would like to use the opportunity observing a fully qualified teacher to learn how to be a more reflective teacher myself. This goal is connected to the SPR specification:

3.4.2- reflect and engage in self evaluating using the relevant professional standard.

After looking at this I realised that I not only fail to reflect fully but I also do not show that I am engaged with my own reflective practice when I do. Therefore the other part of this goal is to reflect more on this eportfolio as I progress through my placement.

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