Reflecting on Placement

My placement experience was a hugely enjoyable one. I was working with a P5 class within Forthill Primary school in Broughty Ferry, this was a great deal of fun as it was a very nice class, in a nice school, in a nice area, which made it a very pleasant experience. My class teacher was incredibly supportive and helped me a great deal, he spent a long time helping me to improve my success criteria’s which was something I was struggling with and this boosted my confidence a great deal. He also helped me build up my confidence within the teaching environment as he always gave me very thorough and useful feedback .The class themselves were a pleasure to teach, although they were very chatty and there were a few vibrant characters within the class I still felt that we got on well and I could teach them successfully most of the time. At the beginning I found the noise level difficult to handle and this wasted a great deal of time, however I tried out some different behavior management techniques and along with some support from my class teacher I found a way to deal with the majority of the talking. However it was never perfect but we got on well and the pupils worked hard with me.

I feel that I reached a lot of my goals during placement. I wanted to improve my lesson plan making which I felt I did as my teacher gave a great deal of guidance about creating success criteria, further more I felt that I got plenty of practice and this helped me to create better plans. I also had set a goal to improve my numeracy skills, I feel that I have built up my confidence surrounding numeracy as I taught many maths lessons and realised that I do have a suitable knowledge of maths for teaching at a primary school level.

I feel that placement was a fantastic experience and I am extremely glad I got to have a placement within first year.

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