My science SMART target

I am relatively confident when thinking about teaching science, I have always preferred biology but I have qualifications in all three sciences. However before entering placement I have set myself a science based SMART target.

S-pecific: I have very limited knowledge of the solar system, I did once learn about the planets but the information has been lost somewhere in time, therefore I want to learn the names and order of the planets with our solar system.

M-easurable: I want to be able to list the planets correctly off the top of my head in the right order.

A-chievable: This is something many primary school age, and older, pupils can do as they are interested in our solar system. This is partly why I wish to be able to do this challenge as I feel it will come in use during placement and later teaching.

R-elevant: This is a very relevant task as space is an experience and outcome within the science section of curriculum for excellence.

T-imed: I aim to have achieved this goal by the start of placement.Solar system 1

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