A Big Bang

Biology and Chemistry were always made to be fun with lots of experiments throughout primary and secondary which is why I believe I enjoyed them so much more than physics which was mainly equations. 

scienceI believe that in primary schools there is a lack of science in the curriculum with maybe one lesson a week, if any. This has always been a concern of mine as there are so many different topics which can be made so much more enticing and enjoyable through the use of experiments relating to science. 


experimentAt a local placement there was a day set aside to science once every year where the kids were encouraged in the weeks previous to research and come dressed as their favourite scientist with 3 facts about “themselves”. The children were also encouraged to bring into the class a short science experiment which I believed to be a great idea as it not only allowed the children to explore their creativity but also created room for class discussion on what was learned through the experiment. 

Whilst on professional practice I will hopefully be able to introduce a vast range of science into the classroom from the knowledge that will be built up over the next few weeks through the science inputs. 



4 thoughts on “A Big Bang

  1. User deactivated

    I feel the same way that you do; science deserves more time and attention within schools because not only is it really important, but it can also be so much fun! I love the idea of having the children dress up and come into school with a little research about their scientist! This also sounds like a great way to make links between home and school.

    1. Kirsten Johnson Post author

      Thank you Michelle! I agree with your point that science is not only educational but fun as well, surely both areas we should be covering as part of the Curriculum for Excellence. I believe that the Wacky Science Day I observed is a great idea and hope to implement a degree of this into my first placement

  2. Lauren Duncan

    Hi, Kirsten!
    Really enjoyed reading your post. I don’t feel there is a lack of science as such, just that a lot of children are just not aware when they are learning it. It appears to be more emphasised now, and hopefully, as teachers we can put more emphasis on it!
    The day of science you experienced at your local placement sounds very interesting, perhaps something that could be implemented in other schools too?
    We certainly do need to have more science, though. It was a great fear of mine transitioning into secondary as I had no great deal of experience in the subject. Like you I plan to broaden my knowledge, bringing interesting and exciting science lessons to my pupils.
    Great post! (Loving the mad scientist pic)

    1. Kirsten Johnson Post author

      Hi Lauren!
      Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m glad to hear that the schools you have been in have had more experience of science. This is a sign that the importance of science in the curriculum is being recognised!
      The class and I thoroughly enjoyed the science day and I would love to implement a degree of this into my first placement.
      I also feared the transition to secondary school through a lack of knowledge on science but I hope this will strengthen me to ensure that no child that I teach has the same worries.


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