Study Skills Book Reading

From reading page 3-32 of the ‘Study Skills’ book I was able to educate myself on University a lot further. Staying at home, I did not realise all that was involved staying in halls but from reading this book I would now know what must be in place if I choose to move out next year.

Also from reading this book, I understand the importance of planning ahead a lot more now. I have now wrote out my timetables into organisers so that I know exactly where I should be.

This book also helped me in spacing out my studying and how much is expected. This helped me to create study plans that will hopefully be more useful towards assignment deadlines.

I also wasn’t aware of all the services available to students that is published on page 22. This will be good to know what is available should I need it.

I believe the way this book is set out makes it easy to understand and interpret. For example, the use of tables on page 26.

The chapter I found most of use was 6 “Graduate Skills and Attributes”. I am now aware of all the different types of skills that employers look for past a degree and with this knowledge I hope to build on mine.

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