Scotland in Spain

Highland Fling 

Through my MA2 Placement I was able to travel to Almeria to teach in a local school over there. What amazed me most was the focus and importance on the English language. However, most of the children were not as aware of Scotland as they were of England.

I spoke with my class teacher and organised a series of lessons teaching the children about the Scottish culture and traditions. We looked at meals, clothing and daily routines as compared these with the typically Spanish – as these had already been covered in topic.

After this, usually on Friday afternoons I done a series of lessons making kilts and teaching highland dancing with the kids. The link above is the kids final performance of the Highland Fling. Although I enjoyed this, I would have liked to have access to a larger hall to do so. As you can see in the video everyone is a bit crammed for space. This was due to the school sharing a gym hall with the high school that was also in the same building, making physical activity a problem.


I chose this experience as the one I would focus on as part of my expressive Arts module. This was due to the children in the class being from a different culture. I gained a lot from these lessons and I feel that its an aspect I would implement into my practice here. However, I feel that within Scottish schools I would explore other cultures/traditional dances for example, Hindi and Irish to name a few but the limits are endless!

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