Gender Discrimination

For me, personally, gender discrimination was a big issue whilst growing up. I wasn’t aware of it at the time but since learning about Gender with Jill I realise how serious it can be.

aaI always loved football growing up. Ever since my dad dragged me along to my first Dundee match at the grand age of 4, I was hooked. I began to kick a ball about in the garden most days and when I got a little brother I though all my Christmases had come at once, someone I could beat. I went along to trail for a local boys team as I thought I would be given a chance. I was so wrong. The coaches only agreed to let me play for the team if I hid my hair, on match days, under a hat. This to me was sheer discrimination against my gender which forced me to play on a girls team my whole life. 

I have also experienced gender discrimination against a male. My Mum runs her own Highland Dance class and a boy Andrew has attended regularly for around 2 years. Andrew is subjected to bullying and constant name calling at school because of his interests in dance.

I think both scenarios are appalling and that gender discrimination should have been left in the past. I hope we as the fresh faced teachers of the new curriculum can help to change this in the future.

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  1. Lauren DuncanLauren Duncan

    Kirsten I definitely agree with you that gender discrimination is serious! That is shocking that a coach wanted you to hide your hair!! My little sister currently plays for a boys team and they are very encouraging and inclusive towards her, hopefully this is a sign of changing times?
    I know so many boys who do highland dancing, and I can’t believe your mums pupil Andrew is bullied for it! Many people don’t believe it but it is actually a very physically demanding sport, and takes a lot of time and passion to develop the technique and also the love for the art. I take my hat off to Andrew for continuing.
    I am 100% with you that as future teachers gender discrimination should be left in the past. Positive thinking!
    Lauren 🙂


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