Social Studies Audit

Social Studies is one of my favourite areas as it is about working with people and the communications between individuals with each other. In High School, I received a B in Modern Studies, a D in Geography and went on into college where I achieved two A’s in Philosophy and Psychology and a B in History. All of the social subjects interest me very much as they are all different ways to study the world, for example History is studying people in the past and events and why they happened, Modern Studies is about current affairs and what is happening in our society today, Geography about the impact we are having on the environment and why the world is the way it is. Whilst Philosophy and Psychology are studying peoples beliefs and the way the brain and body think.

It is so important to understand the past, present and future and I think that History, Modern Studies and Geography are so vital to every person to have a basic knowledge of.

Reflecting on Reflection

The working together module for me, didn’t seem very important at first and I didn’t appreciate the importance of coming together and creating a PowerPoint presentation as a group, going on a placement visit or having to design a poster by myself. However, through reflecting on my professional development in semester 1, this has made me realise that one of the most important moments for me was when I was creating my poster and reflecting on my placement visit.

My placement visit was important for me in terms of learning how to cope before a placement, how to act and what to do during a placement and how to look back and reflect after a placement. I recieved great information from a fantastic organization, but it wasn’t until I was back at my flat and had to look back on what I had learned, and read parts of ‘Reflective Teaching in Early Education’ that I realised how important reflection actually was.

For me now, I am trying to get myself into the habit of reflecting on everything I do and say and this includes looking over my work and evaluating why I wrote a certain piece of writing, why I felt that way and how I can improve. Before university, I never reflected on my actions or my words, I never evaluated my work and never bothered to check over anything. But now, as I grow as a teacher, I am beginning to love to reflect on my journey and my experiences as a student teacher and the process of reflecting on my work is the start of me becoming the best that I can be.