Online Maths Assessment (NOMA)

The first number indicates the number of tries (1=first). Followed by my score out of 53, my percentage and the date the test was taken.

  1. 36/53, 68%, 26/09/2016.
    1. No revision and realised I need to brush up on maths quite a lot.
  2. 36/65, 55%, 02/11/2016.
    1. No revision again, different types of questions. Need to work on this more.
  3.  26/54, 48%, 20/01/2017
    1. I revised a little bit before this time, and actually I never answered the last few questions on this test as I was busy. However, reflection for the future will be to plan more time for this and make sure I don’t feel rushed. Also brush up on my shapes, fractions and ‘odds’.

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