Social Studies

How does engagement with Social Studies contribute to the development of children’s understanding of the world?


  • Drawing on your understanding developed through the module, demonstrate a broad knowledge and a critical understanding of the importance of Social Studies education;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how this theory might be translated into appropriate practice with examples of teaching and learning;
  • Provide clear evidence of critical analysis and ability to reach reasoned conclusions based upon an evaluation of a range literature, events and artefacts;
  • Professional reflection on one piece of evidence to be drawn from the Social Studies Portfolio. Reflection should be framed around your engagement in the process as a learner, and as a teacher.

Social Studies looks at three main components which are taught in the classroom. There is History, Geography and Modern Studies/Politics. All of which have sociology and humanities weaved throughout them. For myself personally, I have always found Social Studies to be of great importance, as History tells us where we came from, Geography tells us where we are now and where we are going and Politics is looking at the way our country is governed. All three of these could not be more important in today’s society. With Climate Change and Global Warming becoming increasingly more concerning, the mini-adults of the future need to know how important it is to take care of our planet. With all the controversy that surrounds politics at the moment, (Independence Referendum, Brexit and politics in America) it is important our children understand the importance of learning how their voice can be heard and why it is important to learn about their country and what is happening politically in the world around them. Finally, History tells us important stories about our successes and failures locally, nationally and globally. History is a way to engage children, and let them be immersed in the beautiful tales that the world before us told.

One way in which Social Studies can apply to all year groups, and all of the social subjects areas is through artifacts; and specifically, Barnaby Bear. Barnaby Bear was “written to help teachers prepare interesting materials in response to the geography national curriculum objective ‘develop children’s knowledge of place and environments throughout the world.'”

Barnaby Bear is an excellent resource not only for students but for teachers as well as it can be linked to interdisciplinary learning, it can get the children involved in learning and it is a fun tool used along all subjects. Nothing is more engaging than a cute teddy with fantastic stories to tell!


History, Geography and Econmics all contribute to life long learning and a better understanding of the world.

“Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies.” – John F. Kennedy

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