Professional Goals

For this placement please submit your professional practice goals and make clear reference to the SPR standard that you wish to address. Your choice of goals must be accompanied by justification of choice.

For my professional practice goals, I want to focus on:

  • 1.4: Professional Commitment
    • Shows enthusiasm and commitment to the school, class and Professional Practice as a whole. Has the ability to work with others, lead learning within their own classroom and work as a member of a team. Value themselves as growing professionals by taking responsibility for their professional learning and development. 
  • 2.1.3: Have knowledge and understanding of planning coherent and progressive teaching programmes
    • Know how to plan for effective teaching and learning across different contexts and experiences; know and understand how to justify what is taught within curricular areas in relation to the curriculum and the relevance to the needs of all learners.
  • 3.1.3: Employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to meet the needs and abilities of learners
    • Demonstrate that they can select creative and imaginative strategies for teaching and learning appropriate to learners as individuals, groups or classes; demonstrate that they can select and use a wide variety of resources and teaching approaches, including digital technologies and outdoor learning opportunities; demonstrate the ability to justify and evaluate professional practice, and take action to improve the impact of all learners. 
  • 3.4.2: Engage in reflective practice to develop and advance career-long professional learning and expertise
    • Reflect and engage in self evaluation using the relevant professional standard; adopt an enquiring approach to their professional practice and engage in professional enquiry and professional dialogue; evaluate their classroom practice, taking account of feedback from others, in order to enhance teaching and learning; engage where possible in the processes of curriculum development, improvement planning and professional review and development; work collaboratively to share their professional learning and development with colleagues; maintain and record of their own professional learning and development, culminating in an Initial Professional Development Action Plan.

These goals are the most appropriate for me in my learning as a student teacher.

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