Reflecting on Reflection

The working together module for me, didn’t seem very important at first and I didn’t appreciate the importance of coming together and creating a PowerPoint presentation as a group, going on a placement visit or having to design a poster by myself. However, through reflecting on my professional development in semester 1, this has made me realise that one of the most important moments for me was when I was creating my poster and reflecting on my placement visit.

My placement visit was important for me in terms of learning how to cope before a placement, how to act and what to do during a placement and how to look back and reflect after a placement. I recieved great information from a fantastic organization, but it wasn’t until I was back at my flat and had to look back on what I had learned, and read parts of ‘Reflective Teaching in Early Education’ that I realised how important reflection actually was.

For me now, I am trying to get myself into the habit of reflecting on everything I do and say and this includes looking over my work and evaluating why I wrote a certain piece of writing, why I felt that way and how I can improve. Before university, I never reflected on my actions or my words, I never evaluated my work and never bothered to check over anything. But now, as I grow as a teacher, I am beginning to love to reflect on my journey and my experiences as a student teacher and the process of reflecting on my work is the start of me becoming the best that I can be.

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