P.E. At Home

Looking for ways to burn off some energy? We’ve got a selection of online links and activities here:

The one that everyone is talking about – Joe Wicks! This is a little trickier for younger ones and even some adults have told us it’s a hard workout. If you’ve missed any just visit the link and click on previous videos.

Andy’s Wild Workouts are ideal for younger children. Created by Andy Day of Cbeebies, they take place in a host of wild locations.

You may have heard your child talk about Go Noodle? Our staff use these videos to keep our pupils active. Banana, Banana, Meatball will stay in your head for days!

Lots of activities for families and adults (sponsored by Fit Bit) via PopSugarFitness.

NHS Shake Ups are active games linked to famous children’s films. Some are ideal for indoors although there are a couple that require a swimming pool!

Cosmic Kids Yoga is another channel that our pupils often use in school. It is related to popular games, films and books.

This Girl Can via Disney Junior channel on YouTube is ideal for younger children. Dancing linked to famous Disney movies.

The Messi Stay At Home Challenge: doing “keepie-ups” with a toilet roll.

20DV is Diversity’s dance school online. Free subscription during the lockdown period.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about parents. Here are some suggestions for adults.