Outdoor Learning At Home: STEM

There is so much STEM all around us. Let’s use the outdoors to help us to learn. Lots of activities here for all ages.

Use leaves and twigs to count – it could be up to ten or it could be the stations of the 7 times table.

Number poems also include literacy skills

This Scavenger Hunt is for older children but can be adapted easily. 

Angles Outdoors Older pupils might enjoy creating their own angles.

Older pupils will enjoy completing their own Natural Equations.

Maths Walk is designed for older children but can be adapted for younger pupils.

Create your own Clocks  and practise telling the time.

Which shapes can you find? Can you create your own 3D or 2D shapes? More ideas here: 2D and 3D shapes

Shape Recognition Hunt

A classic game of Hopscotch…can you upgrade this by making it stations of a times table?

Collect items from outdoors to help you complete addition and subtractions sums. Why not collect leaves or acorns and make times table arrays?

Use this resource to help you identify things that are bigger or smaller: Bigger or Smaller

How can you measure a tree? Find out 10 different ways here: Measure a tree

Can you use the outdoors to learn about fractions. This fraction grid shows how many halves make a hole and how many pieces are in a half, then how many quarters in a hole and how many quarters in a half all the way down to tenths.

Can you find a percentage of leaves?


There are lots of opportunities to learn about the world around us!

Why not use this page to do some Bird Spotting from your window or outdoors?

If you enjoy scavenger hunts then you will love these:

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Sounds of Spring Scavenger Hunt

Egg Box Scavenger Hunt

Spring Spotter Hunt

Leaf spotter

A to Z Scavenger Hunt

Fancy making something and using those engineering skills?