Music Activities at Home

Are you looking for some music ideas?

Have a look online for some of these activities.

Every Monday Fischy Music go live at 11am. Fischy Music is used in most schools and the songs are all about improving self-confidence and uplifting your mood. Click here to see previous assemblies and to go live on Mondays: Fischy Music Assembly

BBC Bitesize Music is a selection of clips to help children with their understanding of types of music, instruments and musical theory.

Beat Goes On – Body Beats is a percussion workshop company. They go live every day at 11am via this link – led by a cast member of the show STOMP.  It is music based but also active.

BBC Bring the Noise is an amazing website with lots of activities for all ages including this list of ideas for creating music at home.

We love Chrome Music Lab where you can make your own melodies and experiment with sounds. It works on tablets too.

For older pupils Bandlab has a more mature approach. Just sign up for free and follow the guidance videos.

For younger pupils The McDougalls produce regular programmes. This is a singalong show available here or via Facebook.

Out of the Ark provides songs, activities and fact sheets to go with a range of songs relating to different areas of the curriculum.