Health and Wellbeing at Home

We know that this period is difficult so we are including activities for families and children. There may be some ideas to help you as a parent. We like this activity when things are getting hard:

Remember to take care of your own mental health. Feeling anxious or low mood? Trouble sleeping or feeling angry? Visit this website to download booklets with activities and advice. Remember to follow the advice of a GP or use one of the Inverclyde services. Numbers listed below.

Use these strategies to help you to take care of your mental health.

A social story to help children understand Corona and staying inside and a visual reminder:

This can be a difficult time for many of our families. Working from home with children can be a challenge. Parent Club has helpful videos about helping you and staying calm. Your mental health is important too so we’ve included a range of ideas to help you:


Using your 5 senses to calm down can be a useful tool for both adults and children. 

Use these strategies to respond to your child when the are struggling to communicate with you.

There may be some useful ideas for older children:

Making a child feel good can help them to feel calm. Knowing that you are loved and accepted can be a powerful tool.

Dave the Dog: A Corona Virus Story. This story may help a younger child to understand Corona.

Does your child still have questions:

Looking for ways to discuss feelings at home? The “Blobs” is straightforward and easy to use. Have you seen the Blob Tree? It’s a great way to promote conversation.
Try this activity for discussing feelings around Corona.
Corona Blobs 

Looking for some mindfulness meditation? Local organisation Mind Mosaic provide videos to help you.

Relax Kids has lots of activities to help children stay calm.


Use these activities to help children with their emotions:

What is happening to our brains when we ‘flip our lids’:

What are those behaviours telling you?


Ideas when you aren’t feeling your best – go easy on yourself!

We all have days like this  – all parents, mums, dads, grandparents etc.


Some useful Mindfulness techniques for younger children.

Look at ways of expressing and understanding your child’s emotions. Being able to name them helps your child express their feelings.

Use this illustration to help you discuss what is within your control.

And these ideas will help you to understand what you and your child can and can’t control.



Our children are familiar with the PATHs Turtle to help them to stay calm. For older pupils we refer to the traffic light system.


Ideas to help children with their emotions and positive activities.

Suggestions to help with your own mental health:




Contact Details –

Children’s Rights Officer email address:

HSCP Children & Families Service: 01475 715365

Some useful contacts during this time.



: A Face for Life has created a range of activities to do at home