Pupil Expectation at Adventure Aberdeen

Adventure Aberdeen have made their own jigsaw puzzle which relates to their expectations, what they want the children to gain or benefit from the experience whilst working with them and links to the curriculum for excellence.

This is the jigsaw:





The front





The back




As the pictures aren’t very clear/readable the jigsaw reads:

Words (on the front) Description of expectation (on the back)
Share Co-operate with the team

Share Success

Discuss plans and divide up tasks

Look back over the experiences and discuss them

Teamwork Work positively with others
Challenge Challenge yourself by applying your experiences to your wider life
Ambitious Aim high

Set goals

Strive to be the best you can

Review and set realistic targets for yourself

Support Encourage others

Recognise and celebrate success of yourself and others

Build up each others confidence

Trust Be trustworthy

Trust yourself

Trust others to help you

Be honest with others and yourself

Try Commitment to the task and to take part

Make informed decisions

Develop coping strategies

Take a risk… try something new

Motivate Be realistic – keep trying when it gets tough or uncomfortable

Persevere with the task – stick at it!

Have determination to succeed

Safe Follow instructions to avoid hazards and risks

Look out for your own safety

Look out for others safety

Listen Listen to instruction (use your eyes and ears)

Communication by listening and talking (one talking at a time)

Help the team to concentrate

Don’t be a distraction

Respectful Respect for others

Respect equipment and others belongings

Respect for the environment

Self respect

Responsibility Be responsible for your own learning, actions and values


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