Learnometers: A closer look at learning

This week we did learnometers. ‘One side which is nice things and one side which is not nice things.’ These things are ‘things that stop you from learning and things that keep you going.’

– Keira and Megan

‘You can do the good things and not the bad things [because] when we’re doing bad things we’re stopping people from learning.’

– Jnr and Megan

I learnt ‘to listen to instructions and don’t talk when your not supposed to.’

– Hana

Also, ‘don’t talk over other people.’

– Jnr

We agreed that learnometers can be a helpful reminder of the tools we have to help us learn and they can help us see what can make learning difficult. We also learnt that if we do the helpful things then we get to do more activities we enjoy.

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